Taking your existing code base as a starting point, along with your requirements for the future, we will investigate and present the options for implementing the gaps.


The Challenges

  • Conflicting pressures to provide BAU support
  • Fixed ideas on current capabilities
  • Investment to date in the current solution
  • Teams with vested interests

It can sometimes be hard to retro-fit your existing code base and adapt it to changing business requirements.

Often it is necessary to take a step back and evaluate what you currently have in detail - and sometimes it will be necessary to make a tough decision to start from scratch. After all, software is only useful as long as it satisfies the business needs.

And sometimes your existing software teams, who have worked hard on your current solutions, can be a barrier to adapting business needs.

We take a wider view of the overall business need, and can work either within or outside of your organisation to bring you viable options for delivering your business requirements now and in the future.

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