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February 2015 - today

We are pleased to be supporting DMD with their various digital initiatives.

December 2018

We are trialling some ideas around frame-perfect videos created from animating an SVG image. Please contact us for further information.

January 2018

Our social location tracking app called maptraxx is now live on the app stores.

November 2016

Prototyping user-selectable map data for enhanced digital map usage is going well. Please contact us for further information.

June 2013 - April 2014

We have extended Training Mate to connect to the many different types of ANT+compatible fitness sensors.

June 2012

We have been working with the good folk at Concept2 to connect Training Mate with their Indoor Rowers and SkiErg fitness equipment.

June 2011

We've been holding a series of focus group sessions with rowing and triathlon clubs in and around Berkshire in preparation for launching Training Mate to a global audience.

February 2011

After a sucessful trial period we are pleased to announce the release of version 1.0.0 of Training Mate which is now available for immediate download.

October-November 2010

Three Media Associates have engaged us to assist in building a client web-site.

May-August 2010

We've provided Eton Park International a major upgrade to their in-house spreadsheet pricing system.

December 2009

We have commenced trials of Training Mate our premier software product. We expect the product to be released to the general public early in 2010.

April 2009

We have released version 1.0 of our PowerMacros Excel/VBA library, which is now available for download.

March 2009

We have revamped the website in preparation for our first software release. The process will undoubtably continue on and on...

November 2008

The company is in formation and looking forwards to serving the needs of enterprises.

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